Order of the Whelk for Margaret of Bucrode


Text: When great joy is brought through the beautiful works of an artisan a true Baron and Baroness must honor that subject and give recognition so that all know of the worth and contribution made.  Thus do Aiden and Hannah, Baron and Baroness of Tirydon, recognize Our subject Margaret of Bucrode for her wondrous art of researching and cooking feasts and do induct her into Our Order of the Whelk Done this 2nd day of January AS L at Our Interbaronial 12th Night in the Barony of Tirydon.

Inspiration was from the Master of Mary of Burgundy which was done in the 16th century.20170618_192018

I personalized it by using a bird local to the territory of the Barony of Tirydon called the Least Bittern.  http://www.chesapeakebay.net/fieldguide/critter/least_bittern  The cadels, or the ornate calligraphy additions were formed as reeds for the Least Bittern to cling to. The flowers are also local, though I forget which ones they are.

The scroll was completed on pergamenata paper and painted with Talens Plakkaatvere Gouache Deep Red, Ultramarine Deep, Deep gold, Windsor Newton Zinc White, Pro Art Watercolors Deep Green, as well as self mixed yellow ochre and silver pigment.  The ink was oak gall ink that was made and given to me by Leofric of Oxenford.

In process photos:

Least Bittern with penny for scale
Acanthus and flowers with penny for scale.

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