AoA for Wolfengyre de la Pegas


This is the AoA (Award of Arms) scroll that I did for Wolfengyre de la Pegas.  It was given out at Saturday evening court Ruby Joust VI.

The basic text was taken from the Atlantian Scribal Handbook and reads:

Cuan, King by right of arms of Atlantia, and Signy,
Our chosen Queen, give you greetings.
Well pleased by the service that Our subject,
Wolfengyre de la Pegas, hath rendered to Our realm, most
especially that of providing space for fighter practice, helping others make armor as well as serving wherever there is a need. We bestow
upon him an Award of Arms. He shall
henceforth have the sole and exclusive right to
bear<blazon>. In witness whereof We here set Our
hands at Our Ruby Joust VI this Anno
Societatis LII.

The inspiration source was The Tres Riches Heures of Jean, Duke of Berry which was commissioned by Jean de Berry around 1413.

Bristol board was used as the base and it was painted with Talens Plakkaatvere Gouache Deep Red, Ultramarine Deep, Deep gold, Windsor Newton Zinc White, Pro Art Watercolors Deep Green, as well as self mixed yellow ochre.  The ink was oak gall ink that was made and given to me by Leofric of Oxenford.

The painting was completed as a blank while sitting at the Barony of Tir-y-Don SCA fan table at Ravencon.  The text was later filled in when I was assigned an award scroll a couple of weeks before Ruby Joust VI.  20170430_121137

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